How did I get here?

Hi. My name is Babetta Popoff and I'm Gluten Intolerant.
Ha! You don't have to introduce yourself (but I'd love it if you DO!) But please DO consider this a virtural support group for all things Gluten Free!

I'm hoping some of my readers find me the way I found many great Gluten Free (GF) resources...out of desperation trying to make heads or tails of what to eat that TASTES good and still honors the body's intolerance of gluten.

I'm no guru
I'm no master chef
But I have been gluten free since Feb '09 and have stumbled and bumbled across some great, and some not so great, things to eat.

Bookmark me and visit each of my pages (see the tabs across the top of the page) regularly for new information. I'll share non-paid, unsolicited product reviews, recipes - successes and failures. From time to time, companies may send me a free sample or a coupon to try their products in return for a review...MY REVIEWS WILL ALWAYS BE HONEST...freebee or no, I tell it like it is! I'll also share the experiences I struggled through before ever hearing of gluten and figuring out how it was the root of most of my medical evils. Some of THOSE stories aren't so if you're squeamish you may want to stay away from those tabs but if you're struggling, like I was, and have searched the great big wide web without luck you may want to take a peek and see if any of my stories resonate with you.

I'm also not a doctor
So please be sure you stay in communication with your medical professional of choice.
My own journey led me to lots of non-listeners in the medical community but it has also led me to a lifestyle that is healing my body and you gotta take the good with the bad...and believe me in the Gluten Free gotta taste a whole-lotta bad to get to something good!