Monday, May 27, 2013

Dinner doesn't have to be difficult to be Delicious!

This Memorial Day we're having some good ol' BBQ the EASY way.
Inspired by my bestie who doesn't like to spend too much time in the kitchen...what follows is a DELISH dinner that is easy, GF and super yum!
On the Menu
Pulled Pork
Gotta love the West Wing!
Potato Cakes
American Flag Pudding

This pulled pork recipe is handed down (or I guess over since we're the same age) from a friend of mine from work might recognize her from TV :)

Hub's Favorite Pulled Pork
12 oz of A&W Root Beer (NOT DIET) per 2lbs of pork
1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce (we use Pat's Ho-Made)
Pork Roast

Put root beer and pork in crock pot for 7hrs
Drain, shred, add bottle of BBQ Sauce

Crispy Potato Cakes
1/2 cup chopped onions (I used pre-chopped from the produce section)
3 Tbsp bacon bits (I used turkey bits)
1 oz shredded cheese
2 cups mashed potatoes (chilled)
3/4 cup panko bread crumbs

Set oven to 425
Saute onions with bacon bits until carmelized, place in freezer for a few minutes to cool (this helps patties form)
In a mixing bowl add all ingredients except bread crumbs and mix
Separate into 6 equal patties
Coat both sides in breadcrumbs and bake for 12 minutes on each side

American Flag Fruit Pudding
2 pkgs of Your favorite Jell-o pudding flavor (white) follow directions on box
1 cup blueberries
3 cups chopped strawberries

this one is pretty self explanatory
we used some white icing for the stars :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week 3: Picnic, gopicnic, It's SPRINGTIME...go on a picnic!

Well first off, I apologize for the lateness of this post. Blogger must not have liked my first, second or THIRD entry as it gobbled them up into cyberspace never to be heard from again. It's okay, the posts were plant based.
It's also okay because as I type this 4th attempt, I have a new perspective and may change things up a bit.

This week's adventures reminded me how easy it is to just fall back into a good ol' meat and something on the side mentality, especially when someone ELSE is cooking.

Now if you haven't been following along on this journey to 90% plant based consumption, I invite you to start at the beginning and catch up, it's okay...we'll wait for you.

Are you back? Great. So now everyone is pretty familiar with the morning smoothie recipe I use and that I make meals go further by incorporating dinner left-overs into lunches for me and the hub so I'll spare ya the day-of-the-week breakdown (mostly because I didn't like the way it was formatting) and just give you some highlights from the week.

Now, in looking at my notes from the looks like there was a wholelotta meat on my plate.
Tuesday we had "fried" chicken with zucchini
Wednesday we had pork and plantains
Saturday we had hamburgers and hot dogs
and Sunday morning we had bacon with breakfast and for dinner we had Chicken Club Pasta

That looks like 4 out of 7 nights of carnivorous consumption...BUT...
Remember this is where I employ the portions on my plate rule.
My journey is not to become a vegan or even a least that's not what I'm feeling led to at this time. My journey is to a 90% plant based diet (meaning food consumption, not weight loss) so meat and animal products are still going to play a part in our menus, just not as predominantly.

Let's look at the Chicken Club Pasta as an example:
This was a "mommy made it up" recipe that came to my brain while we were driving home from the beach after not having grocery shopped all's amazing what you can do with what you have :)
The final recipe yielded 8 servings

2 chicken thighs cooked and chopped
4 slices left over bacon from the morning, chopped
1 full head of broccoli, chopped
1 bag of spinach
1 can diced garlic tomatoes
1/2 cup ranch dressing (check for gluten)
1/2 cup parmigiana cheese
olive oil as needed
1 pkg Tinkyada GF pasta

No special magic here, I just cooked all the ingredients added the ranch and cheese last and let it all simmer under cover to get all saucy then spooned it over pasta and voila. And it was tasty.
So yes, there was meat in it, but the over all dish was at least 75% plant based and since my breakfast and lunch are typically much higher ratios, I think I evened out for the day :)

That being said...I definitely had a day that tipped my numbers for the entire week.
Saturday we went to a picnic complete with hamburgers and hot dogs and all the trimmings.
And I had one of each
And they were both mm-mm-tasty-good.
In the grand scheme of things, I'm not going for perfectly perfect. It's good to know that I am feeding my body what it needs MOST of the time so the few times when it comes up to have what it WANTS don't throw me for a loop. I covered my bases making sure all picnic items were GF (thanks to the hostess who checked with me before going shopping) and I enjoyed the day with friends, new and old.

This week's total SCORE brought to you by gopicnic GF boxed meals.
I stumbled across these in a 7-11 of all places while we were on our way to the beach on Sunday.
All the items in the box are individually packaged so you can eat it all at once, or snack throughout the day.
This little gem was PERFECT for the beach. It doesn't need to be refrigerated AND it was perfectly Babs friendly (GF).
A nice little Sunday morning gift in the least likely of places :)

Enjoy your week!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Breakfast

This morning the family is packing up to head off to the beach after a homemade breakfast.
The waffles were phenom-nom-nomenal and packed a healthy punch with some Mila too.

Waffles are a family fave for breakfast, lunch or dinner so it's funny we don't have them more often but after crawling in the cabinet to reach the waffle iron we were ready for a souped up repeat these babies.

This recipe made 7 belgian waffles

2 C Gluten Free Bisquick
1/3 C Mila
1/3 C Pecan Meal
6 Tbsp Vegetable Oil
2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
1 Tbsp Pure Vanilla
3 C Milk/Vanilla Soy Milk works best
2 Eggs
Cinnamon to taste

Crushed Pecans as desired
okay, so it's not the prettiest
picture, but I wanted you to see
the color

Mix all ingredients, except crushed pecans, until the batter is a consistency you feel is ready for the waffle iron! I started with 2.5 cups of milk and added the last 1/2 cup for a smoother batter.

Add crushed pecans after pouring batter onto the waffle iron.

Cook for 5 minutes or until the steam stops rising.

As I mentioned in my last waffle post, The pecan meal makes the finished product come out a bit darker than regular waffles but they are OH SO Tasty :)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Week Two: Eat your greens!

So another week has come and gone and it's time to convert my chicken scratch into a comprehensive blog post about my plant consumption. One which will inspire you to eat your greens and flesh out a shopping list for my bestie. No pressure (grin)
Last week's grocery cart :)

So what was special about this week? What did I do differently, you ask?
Well, although there are some carnivorous meals, I was intentional about how much animal product I allowed on my plate. I surpassed the 3/4 veggies/grains to 1/4 meat/fish rule and made meat my condiment.

I have some recipes and product reviews I'll link back here soon but for now this week's menu.

Weekday breakfasts are the same each day, our morning smoothie. This week we replaced the coconut water with aloe vera juice and added some local honey since it is allergy season. I'm not CRAZY about the aloe vera juice, but I don't hate it either.

I'm also a left-overs for lunch kind of girl. So you'll note that dinner or a portion of it the night before, becomes the basis for lunch the next day.

And Mila is still a staple (check out the link, it's new and fancy shcmancy). As it is part of our growing business, the hubs and I have been learning more about its benefits and still can't help but sing the praises of this little miracle seed. Its been a part of my diet for nearly 4 months now and  I'll save the Mila info for those who are interested... back to the week's menu


Lunch - shredded lamb and collards 
Snacks - clementines (so good this time of year) and mixed raw nuts
Dinner - Chicken thighs with sweated squash

This squash was AWESOME. I can't guarantee that it remains in the "raw" category as I didn't test the temperature but if it did manage to stay below 118 degrees, we're good. My one regret is I didn't snap a picture because it was also gorgeous. The veggies stay vibrant, don't get mushy and OH LA LA the flavor

  • summer squash and zucchini squash sliced into 1/2 inch chunks (or larger)
  • 1 bag of orange and red sweet peppers, sliced in half and de-seeded
  • 1/2 cup diced onions
  • 2 TBSP olive oil
  • Place all ingredients in a large heavy saute pan with lid, cook on low heat for 30 minutes

Lunch -  Black Bean Tacos
Snacks - Popchips and salsa
Dinner - Sweet Tomatoes (Tuesday night is family dinner out night)

  • April is Lemon month at Sweet Tomatoes and Souplantation and the Summer Lemon Tossed Salad is DELISH and Gluten Free :)

Lunch -  Leftover sweated squash with a scoop of Mila (so good even the next day)
one bag/2 servings
Snacks - Veggie chips and Salsa
Dinner - Shirataki Spaghetti

  • I was VERY impressed with these noodles. They cook up quick, have very few calories, no sugar, no gluten...a Babs Dream. We had them with fire roasted tomato marinara with a bag of fresh baby spinach leaves wilted into the sauce during the last few minutes of cooking and Al Fresco Sun-dried tomato Chicken Sausage. Why go to the trouble of a tofu noodle when you're just gonna add sausage? Remember, this is my 90% plant based plan AND these Shirataki noodles are a great gluten free option AND great for those who want pasta with out all the carbs.


Lunch - Khinoor Rice & Curry (didn't blow my skirt up) 
Snacks - Rice crackers and wasabi
Dinner - Smoothie with a scoop of Mila (Thursday night is Planet Smoothie night every other week)


Lunch -  Eggpant Marinara with Spinach (Remember I mentioned it freezes well? It does.)
Snacks - raw nuts and raisins
Dinner - Tofu pad thai


Breakfast - Large coconut water with 2 scoops of Mila
Dinner -  Kung Pao Chicken with steamed veggies

  • I didn't intentionally go for a "no chewable food" morning and afternoon, but my Mila carried me through the day, probably because I was focused on the happenings at the Central Florida Earth Fest!


Breakfast -  Gojiberry Granola Bar and Decaf Skinny Vanilla Soy Latte

Lunch - left over Kung Pao Chicken with veggies with a scoop of Mila

Dinner - UPDATE: Salad WAS on the menu but we wound up at Pizzaria Uno so I opted for an artisan pizza on a gluten free crust. It was phenom! Dried figs, tomatoes, broccoli, all drizzled in balsamic vinegar on a GF crust painted with pesto, and goat cheese for the final touch. 

So, how are you doing on your quest toward a predominantly plant based diet?
Do you have an recipes to share?
How do you "measure" your percentages? we know better we do better :)