Monday, June 27, 2011

Be a Kid Again!

The hub and I were kid free on of the blessings of teenaged children, they have plans.
A day with no kids you say? Well of course you had some elegant, the-kids-would-never-eat-it dinner? Nope, we had Chicken Nuggets!
We both agreed they taste much better when the kids don't know you're eating them (grin)

I must preface all of this by letting you know that "nuggets and tots" nights were an institution in our house until just recently. Typically a Thursday night because 1) mom was in school and they were easy to make and 2) mom was in school and didn't have to worry about being glutened.

What a gip! Mom likes nuggets too so it should come as no surprise that when our grocer mentioned she just stocked a new GF item that just happened to be Chicken Nuggets...yup, it's what's for dinner!

I love Applegate Farms products! Not only do they have a great variety of allergen friendly products, they are committed to whole you don't have to feel badly about imbibing in a's REAL :)

We paired these with Ore-Ida Mini Tots and had a great kid-friendly, gluten-free meal...sans kids.

These nuggets may seem a bit pricey, $4.79 for a box of 20, but remember...they are allergen friendly, made with antibiotic and hormone free chicken!


Ramona said...

Where did you buy these? My son would love these and I told him he is going gluten free on the days he is at my house so I am trying to find options that he will ike too.

Babs said...

Publix! They're with the chicken in the meat section...