Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hanker for a hunka....CURRY

I've been on a curry kick lately.
Years ago I couldn't even take the smell of it, now...I can't get enough.
I don't quite trust restaurant curry yet...only because no chef in town can guarantee me it's safe (GF) so we've been tinkering with recipes at home. Some have flopped, some have tasted great but nothing to write home here about...yet. So here's a quickie to tide you over.

Curry Chicken Salad
SO super easy and SO yum!
I start with a can of Valley Fresh Canned Chicken
add Hain's Safflower Mayo to taste
Shake on your favorite curry powder (be sure to check the label) I like mine hot :)
add a dash of salt

Add ice cold red grapes and slices of granny smith or gold delicious apples to give it an extra punch, celery slices are nice for crunch too.

The secret is in letting it sit (refrigerated of course)
I make it in the morning and pack it in my lunch and it's JUST right by then.

So, voila or छिपी
quick, nom nom nommy Curry!

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