Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week one: Plant Based Diet conversion...

Well as promised, here's the menu from my first week of transition to a 90% plant based diet.
For the first week, I didn't really TRY to do anything different, I wanted a good baseline as a jumping off point. As I suspected, the weekends have more animal product consumption than my weekdays but I think being simply being more intentional will cut that down considerably.

This week I've also noted that my stomach just doesn't feel good after I've eaten meat. My hub asked whether or not it could be the type of meat consumed...I'll be sure to keep my eye on that this week.

Last week I posted our morning smoothie recipe. This doesn't change much unless we add a new veggie to our juice or change up the berries a little.

Breakfast - Morning Smoothie
Snack - Apple slices with mixed raw nuts (almonds and pecans are my fave)
Lunch - Strawberry Salad

  • mixed spring greens, chopped asparagus, sliced strawberries, chopped celery, farmer's cheese, chopped mint leaves, sunflower seeds
Dinner - Curried black beans 
  • Dried black beans prepared according to package instructions, one can of ro-tel, a few drops of my FAVORITE hot sauce Tropical Chili Curry Delight.

Breakfast - Morning Smoothie
Snack - Apple slices with mixed raw nuts
Lunch - Roast pork with left over curried black beans with a scoop of Mila
Dinner- "Spaghetti" with eggplant marinara
  • We used spaghetti squash in place of the pasta, it cooks whole in the microwave in minutes. Saute eggplant in olive oil with 1 Tbsp of minced garlic and 1 cup of minced onion until cooked but still firm. Add one can of marinara sauce, simmer. Top with crumbled feta. The remaining marinara froze BEAUTIFULLY and gave me quick options for lunch during the week.
Coconut Curry Wrap 

Breakfast - Morning Smoothie
Snack - Apple slices with mixed raw nuts
Lunch - Leftover eggplant marinara over fresh spinach topped with some crumbled feta and some Mila
Snack - Veggie chips and salsa
Dinner - 1/2 GF curried coconut wrap with pineapple from Ethos 

Breakfast - Morning Smoothie
Snack - Veggie chips and salsa
Lunch - the other 1/2 GF curried coconut wrap from Ethos 
Dinner - Collards
  • In a large pot bring 6 cups of water to a boil, add large bag of sliced Collards, onions, pepper sauce and 1/4lb chopped bacon let simmer until greens are cooked. This made A LOT of collards so the meat amount was negligible in the finished product. It DID make them taste nummy though!

Breakfast - Morning Smoothie
Lunch - Leftover eggplant marinara over fresh spinach topped with some crumbled feta and some Mila 
Snack - Mixed nuts with m&m's blast that candy jar at work!
Dinner - BBQ Brisket, Sweet potato fries
Snack - Frozen coconut yogurt with fresh coconut shavings and mandarin oranges 

Breakfast -  I don't often eat breakfast on Saturdays because I teach 2 yoga classes in the morning
Lunch -  ugh...I was hungry and opted for the grilled franks my hub had just made (at least they were non-cured/nitrate free)
Dinner -  Steamed Mussels with tomato sauce and steamed spinach

Breakfast - One egg, two turkey sausage patties, hashbrown casserole
Lunch - Morning Smoothie (it's not just for breakfast)
Snack - cucumber slices with herbed seasoning 
Dinner - Grilled lamb with left over collards, watermelon slices

So there you have it, my first week.
After grocery shopping, this coming week already looks to be higher in the plant based ratio. My pleasant experience with Tofu in my curried wrap from Ethos encouraged me to buy some for Pad Thai this week in place of chicken and I purchased Shirataki Noodles which I've read rave reviews on but have yet to try.
I'll do better with pictures this week too :)

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