Monday, March 14, 2011

Risotto Ramsey Would Love

Do you watch Hell's Kitchen? If you do you've probably noticed that Risotto is always on the menu. Last season's offering was an interesting bright green color that made my family wonder how good it could be but it got rave reviews even if it did look radioactive!

While perusing my favorite shelf stickers at the grocery store I came across Lundberg Risotto Florentine with Spinach & Mushrooms and decided to give it a go! It's very reasonably priced at $3.50 a box and went wonderfully with the chicken scaloppi and asparagus I made for dinner last night. My daughter called it "restaurant worthy!"

She is right! The risotto cooked up perfectly and was not sticky or mushy at all. We garnished with parmesean cheese and rosemary (as per the box suggestion). Following package instructions was a snap and this side dish cooked up in 20 minutes.

I steamed the asparagus with a bit of lemon zest and tossed the chicken in cornstarch with a bit of seasoning prior to cooking in just a bit of oil for 8 minutes on each side. I served the chicken atop the risotto with some capers spinkled on top.

Oh how I wish I had snapped a picture ... it was restaurant worthy :)

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