Tuesday, March 29, 2011

mmmm Lasagna!

Yes, it's been a long time since I've had lasagna.
About 3 years as a matter of fact...I could never find lasagna noodles and although I tried other pasta type concotions...it turned into baked pasta which just isnt the same as good ol' garfield would be proud lasagna.
Well this week when I wasn't really looking...I found THESE of course, by Tinkyada

Delish! We followed the recipe on the back which incorporated all sorts of yumminess like zucchini, roasted peppers and mushrooms, lightened up the fat content with skim ricotta and fat free shredded cheese...then added some smoked mozzarella and artichoke sausage (mmm) and the hub said... "no more of that boxed lasagna s^*t...coz that's what they've eaten since I've been gluten free.

The noodles are fantastic. Just the right consistency, hold their shape and texture and taste phenomenal and the sausages are great too...we'll try them on the grill next time.

Once again, I have no picture of the finished product because we consumed it too quickly...definitely worth making and easy too...my 13 year old simply followed the package directions and dinner was ready when we got home from work!

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