Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger Today

I'm an Udi's fan.
I like their sandwich bread, I lurve me some of dem dere chocolate chip cookies, and their breakfast muffins are a fave when I need a quick breakfast or we're putting out a Sunday morning brunch.

So when I saw their new hamburger and hot dog buns, it was a no brainer...they went straight into my shopping cart.

We tried the hamburger buns one night for cheeseburgers and fries and the hot dog buns held our favorite sausage from Al Fresco...we love the Sundried tomato flavor!

I gotta say, for me, these buns are a let down.
Now I will follow that up by saying...for the past few years I've just gone without eating bread on my burger, brat, dog or perhaps I've grown accustomed to eating them that way and the "bread" just didn't sit well with my stomach. The buns were a bit more dense than I expected, and that may have contributed to that "heavy" feeling in my stomach.

I guess I'm falling more in line with my philosphy of..."you don't HAVE to eat it just because it's offered in a GF option." It IS nice to know their are choices out there, but the next time I have a burger and desperately want the bun too...I'm gonna stick with the lighter, tastier version from Schar.

How do you eat your burgers and dogs?

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Wendy from Udi's said...

Hi Babetta - I'm sorry to hear that you were not a fan of our gluten-free buns! Would you be interested in trying one of our new products as a replacement? We just launched dark chocolate brownie bites, muffin tops, and frozen pizzas. If you're interested, shoot me an email at