Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Udi's Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread

I've tried a lot of GF breads over the past 2 years and every one of them was GREAT for its time.
I hadn't eaten bread in months so when I took my first bite of GF bread I thought it was HEAVENLY...it wasn't it was cardboard but dang it I was eating a PB & J and I didn't care that it tasted bad.

My bread taste buds have grown.
Actually, they revolted and now only settle for Udi's Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread. They may actually settle for any of the other Udi breads, but my local grocer only carries the White Sandwich Bread variety and in our quest to make GF living easy, I only buy what I can find in my grocer (or have them order for me).

This bread tastes like a good Italian bread. The crust is crispy and the bread doesn't crumble. I eat it toasted, don't know that I've tried it untoasted but it's just my sandwich preference.

My hub LOVES this bread. He's not GF but is concerned with cross contamination and supportive so if I've gotta eat it, he's at least gonna try it. ~grin~

I enjoyed Premium Harvest Corn Bread by Glutino before tasting Udi's while visiting my friend in Austin. It's another great GF bread option but in my opinion, only good toasted. Alas, Udi's won my heart. I even considered shipping some back home as I had never found it in my area. Lucky for me several grocers now carry it on a regular basis and at a cost comparison of $6.19 for Glutino and $4.79 for Udi's...taste and price win!

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