Friday, January 14, 2011

What about non-food products?

This post is inspired by a sweet friend of my brother.
So what about the gluten in make-up, skin-care and hair care products? Do we really need to worry about them since we don't ingest them?

**Remember I'm not a doctor and EVERYTHING I've learned about my tolerance for gluten is based on my own personal experience and research.**

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My lipstick collection was the first thing to go for obvious reasons. Although can I mention, it wasn't obvious to me in the first place. I didn't make that gluten in lipstick = ingested gluten connection for a couple of months.

Once I started cleaning my make-up house, everything went.I didn't care that I had never tasted mascara, I wasn't taking any chances. Maybe I was a bit paranoid but I knew all too well how gluten made me feel and I wasn't giving it a chance to sneak in. I researched some basic options (cha-ching$$$) and settled a powder, eyebrow pencil, mascara and lip balm....It's amazing what you don't need!

I didn't stop at cosmetics, I ditched all of my moisturizers and hair care products too. I went on a 'poo free revolution (wanna know all about it here) Now, while there is debate on whether or not hair care and skin care products should be considered when avoiding gluten for me, it was a no brainer... Gluten MESSES ME UP.

The results, for me, have been so grand I wouldn't think of going back to my old ways. I'm thrilled with my new skin care regimen and my hair has NEVER looked better...and I don't worry that I might gluten myself.
Because it is possible
If I have to worry about cross contamination in a cutting board or counter top, why wouldn't I consider the fact that product rinses down over my face and mouth when I wash my hair or face?
It sounds like such a little thing
but I've learned in this battle...
little things mean A LOT.

and besides...
everyone is jealous of my hair ;)

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